Backpacking Around the World:
Travel More for Less

You wave goodbye to your two best friends as they head off backpacking around the world for a year. They smile and wave back excitedly as you stand there thinking . . .

"I'd soooo love to travel too."

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Well, you know what? You can!

This is me, on the right. I've been living and travelling around the world for years, most of the time
on my own and on a super-tight budget.

Some 68 countries, 7 continents and nearly as many jobs later, I've got some pretty useful shoestring travel tricks up my sleeve.

And that's why I started

Here you'll find my best travel tips as well as info, insights and advice from other seasoned backpackers
to help you travel the world — on the cheap!

Let's Get This Show on the Road!

No experience? No problem.

I get into all the essential nitty-gritty, from packing lists, vaccinations, visas and guide books to travel advisories, cheap travel insurance and how to save money for travel.

Of course, traipsing about with a designer suitcase won't earn you much credibility as a backpacker — you'll need a proper travel backpack and some decent backpacking gear.

Don't worry. The practical advice and gear reviews here cover everything you need to know.

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Looking for cheap air travel?

You can score some of the best travel deals on low cost airlines and round the world tickets,
but I'll show you lots more ways to dig up dirt cheap international flights and last minute airfare bargains.

After that, cheap local travel is the way to go.

So get the lowdown on travel by train, tram, bus, minivan, ferry, funicular, monorail, moped, motorbike, metro, shared taxi, pickup truck, rickshaw, raft and camel!

. . . Did I forget anything?winking smiley

From backpackers hostels to couch surfing to homestays, the cheap rooms and free accommodation pages have the inside scoop. Prefer a bit more comfort? Learn how to snag amazing hotel deals at hugely discounted rates!

Oh, and check out the cheap eats section while you're here, too — you won't believe some of the delicacies that get served up at simple street food stalls, hawker bazaars and in no-name backstreet cafés.

Not even sure where to go?

For ideas, inspiration and itineraries, head over to Around the World Travel and Top 10 Lists. That's also where you'll find some incredible travel photos and fun travel blogs by fellow backpackers.

And don't forget to share your travel adventures with others! It's super easy to add your own personal page to this site.

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Concerned about travelling alone?


Your biggest challenge by far is making the decision to go in the first place. Here's how to enjoy solo travel and stay safe on the road.

Travel money running low?

Trust me on this one — working holidays are way more fun than packing up and flying home!

Read all about volunteering and getting jobs abroad.

Now, you asked for it . . . you got it!

An interactive world time zone map, world currency converter with live foreign exchange rates, real-time world clock, international flight tracker, mobile phone apps, desktop wallpaper, links to my favourite travel resources and plenty of other goodies.

And There's Lots More to Come

Actually, I'm probably adding info to this site as we speak. So after you've had a little nosey around, bookmark this page and come back often to see what's new.

Or better yet . . .

Let the news come to you! Subscribe free to my monthly e-zine and Around the World Blog.

Okay. And now for the best part.

Ready to start planning your dream trip around the world?

Thought you might be. See you inside!

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Your Trip of a Lifetime Starts Here!

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Around the World Blog
All the latest info, important updates and special pages I've recently added to this site. You can also subscribe to my blog (it's totally painless . . . honest winking smiley) and get the news direct.

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