International Flight Tracker

Airport delays are a huge pain and can cost you lots of time and money.

An international flight tracker eliminates most of this stress and frustration by helping you keep tabs on your round the world flights!

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Why Track Flights?

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    Ever arrived at the airport early only to find that your flight's been delayed — maybe even overnight?

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    Ever experienced the hassle of trying to rebook a cancelled flight? Or missed a flight that left early?

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    Ever had to hang around the airport terminal for hours waiting for someone's plane to land?

Not much fun!

But you can put an end to all those headaches by using an international flight tracker to monitor the status of your flights.

Better Travel Experience

Enter FlightStats.

Not only do they offer free, easy-to-use flight status and tracking tools to help make your journey a lot more enjoyable, but they also happen to track more passenger flights than anyone else on the planet!

And because FlightStats receives real-time data feeds from a variety of global sources (including the FAA as well as direct from the airports and airlines themselves), their international flight tracker is one of the most comprehensive, in-depth and accurate you'll find anywhere.

You can use the online international flight tracker to check:

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    airport terminal and gate information

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    departure and arrival times

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    flight delays, diversions and cancellations

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    exact location of flights currently en route

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    airlines' on-time performance ratings

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    airport maps, services and facilities

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    local weather and traffic conditions

Plus, you can download snazzy FlightStats phone apps and register for their free email or SMS flight alerts!

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How to Use the International Flight Tracker

Thanks, but skip the instructions — just take me straight to the flight tracker!

By flight . . .

  1. Click on the 'By Flight' tab.
  2. You can but don't need to fill in the airline box at the top.
  3. Fill in the flight number and departure date boxes.
  4. Hit the 'Search' button.
  5. An overview page will open up with basic info about the scheduled flight. Towards the bottom of the page you'll also find a handy zoomable map of the arrival location.
  6. From here it's fast and simple to navigate to more detailed pages using the sub-menu tabs. For example, you can review the airline's on-time performance ratings for this route or compare weather conditions at both departure and arrival airports.

By airport . . .

  1. Click on the 'By Airport' tab.
  2. Fill in the airport and departure date boxes.
  3. You can but don't need to choose one of the time slots. The default 'Current Time Period' refers to the immediate 6-hour window for that airport.
  4. Indicate whether this is the departure or arrival airport.
  5. Hit the 'Search' button.
  6. The departures or arrivals page will open up with detailed flight status info within your chosen time frame. At the top and bottom of the list you'll find nifty selection tools that let you narrow your search and sort your results.
  7. Use the quick and easy sub-menu tabs to navigate to other useful pages from here. For example, you can preview airport terminal maps, read customer reviews of airport facilities and assess the ground transport situation.

By route . . .

  1. Click on the 'By Route' tab.
  2. You'll need to fill in all the boxes here, including departure and arrival airports (just type in the city — the system will do the rest) as well as your departure date.
  3. Hit the 'Search' button.
  4. On the page that opens next you'll see all flights on your specified route over a 12-hour time period. To choose a different time period or sort the results to suit you better, use the selection tools at the top or bottom of the page.
  5. You won't find any sub-menu tabs on this page like there are on the other pages, but you can use the main menu at the top to navigate pretty much anywhere from here.

Happy tracking!smiley

Track flight status & more at

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