Single and Partner Airline
Round the World Tickets

What do round the world tickets with just one or two airlines have to offer?

Well, if you know what to expect from RTW flights with airline alliances you've already got a pretty good idea.

With alliances you plan your whole trip around a specific group of airlines according to their mileage restrictions, stopover rules and routing regulations.

A bargain deal but sometimes a bit too rigid and regimented — especially for those adventurous backpackers who don't want to follow the crowd at every turn.

Then why limit yourself even more with just single or partner airline round the world flights?

round the world tickets value for money

Get Value for Money

A lot of the pros and cons of backpacking around the world on tickets with the big airline alliances are also true when you travel on tickets with just one or two airlines.

So, if you haven't read up on flying with a group of airlines yet you might want to do that first. You get a basic rundown there on how it all works.

But here are a few other things to consider.

Biggest Pluses


    Single and partner airline RTW tickets can be amazingly good value for money.


    If anything goes wrong or you need to make changes you haven't got a slew of different airlines to deal with.


    It's guaranteed to maximise your frequent flyer miles!

Biggest Minuses


    You can't get these tickets everywhere.


    There's very minimal choice of departures, routes and stopovers.


    If a flight is delayed or cancelled you don't have many alternatives. That could mean quite a long wait for the next available seat on your particular airline.

Fully Flexible RTW Tickets

If you're not too thrilled with the idea of having to work your travel plans around a bunch of airline rules and regulations, you do have another option.

And not only is it completely customisable but it can be the absolute cheapest round the world deal going.


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