Solo Travel Around the World:
What . . . Who . . . Me?

Why not you?

Solo travel doesn't always mean you're single or you can't find a travel buddy. Lots of travellers backpacking around the world (women included) actually choose to travel alone.

But why would anyone actually want to travel alone?

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Freedom to do as you please

You go wherever you want, whenever you want, for however long you want. You do whatever you like when you're there. You choose the restaurants, the accommodation, the transport. You spend as much or as little as you decide to spend. No compromises required.

Freedom to be spontaneous

You can grab opportunities at a moment's notice, cancel plans at the last minute or change your mind on a whim. And if you wake up feeling like it's time to move on, you just pack up your gear and go. Simple as.

Really get away from it all

Backpacking around the world with other travellers (and maybe also your partner) can wear you down at times. Even a few days of solo travel can give you back some much-needed breathing space and help recharge your batteries.

Really be a part of it all

It's easy to get so caught up with your travel buddies that you hardly notice the world passing you by. Travelling on your own lets you focus more on your surroundings and immerse yourself in the experience.

Meet new people, make new friends

You'd actually have to make a fairly major effort to get around the world completely solo. Backpackers (and in most places the locals too) usually love to meet others, and as a single traveller you're all that much more approachable.

Learn about yourself

There's just something about being on the road on your own that brings out a different you. You go places and do things you never dreamed you would. You discover new hobbies, talents and skills you never knew you had. You meet unexpected challenges you never thought you could. You surprise yourself!

Just to know you did it!

It's amazing how adaptable, resourceful and confident you become when you've got no one to depend on but yourself. After a solo trip around the world, you can't help but take well-deserved pride in the fact you've accomplished something pretty awesome!

solo travel sicily lipari island Fun is the name of the game! – Lipari Island, Italy

Yes, You Can Have Fun and Stay Safe

Of course, travelling alone isn't always easy and I do have friends who'd never go backpacking around the world on their own no matter what they hear from anyone.

But believe me. Once you're actually out on the road you'll wonder what took you so long to get there.

If you're even a tiny bit worried or unsure about it all, it's well worth reading The Art of Solo Travel. This is one of those little gems of a book that shows you not only how it's done but that you can do it too!

By far the hardest part of solo travel is just making the decision to go in the first place.

What Are You Waiting For?

solo travel book

Feel like you've been putting off your round the world trip forever?

Wish you knew someone who's been there, done that to show you the ropes?

Need that one last little nudge to finally get yourself out there?

Then The Art of Solo Travel is for you!

Jam-packed with practical advice and invaluable inspiration, this book is like having a friend walk you through it all — from start to finish!

Get more info and a FREE preview!
(P.S. It's not just for girls.)

Still, you might be wondering . . .

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    Am I too young to travel alone? Am I too old to travel alone? What about women travelling alone?

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    I don't speak any other language. Can I get by with English?

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    How concerned do I need to be about travel safety?

    Safe travel (especially for women who solo travel) should always be first and foremost on your mind.

    Be aware of official travel advisories, watch out for classic travel scams and keep your backpacking gear secure. Picking up a few self-defense tips might not be a bad idea either.

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    Is it okay to hire a driver, use a private guide or take a taxi on my own?

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    I've heard stories of constant sexual harassment in some places. How do I deal with that?

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    What if I get lost? I mean, really lost?

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    How can I eat out alone without feeling self-conscious?

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    What are the best ways to meet people on a backpacking around the world trip?

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    And what if I actually want a travel buddy but none of my friends can come with me?

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    Isn't it less expensive to travel with a companion anyway? You know, by splitting costs and stuff?

    Not necessarily.

    Even as a solo traveller you can easily save bundles on some of your biggest expenses.

    Take accommodation, for example. Instead of paying for (even cheap) rooms in hostels, guesthouses, bed and breakfasts or hotels, you can find fabulous places to stay for free!

    Check out the backpacking tips pages and you'll see what I mean.

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    Doesn't it get lonely on the road? What about during holidays, like at Christmas, or on special days like your birthday?

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    It must be tiring having to organise everything yourself all the time. Don't you eventually just burn out from solo travel?

    Yes, and I'll be the first to admit it. Sometimes you do need to take a break from DIY long-term solo travel.

    So give yourself a bit of time off now and then by slowing your pace down a little or even settling in for a while. Maybe consider joining a small group adventure tour at one of your destinations.

    One of my personal faves is G Adventures — a new twist on the old Gap Adventures. They visit the world's most amazing places (including Antarctica and the Galapagos) and their budget travel options offer extremely good value for money.

    You don't get recommended by Lonely Planet for nothing!winking smiley

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