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World Time Zone Map

Planning your backpacking adventures or already on the road? This handy world time zone map lets you look up all your favourite travel destinations across the globe.

time zone map key west florida Forget the watch. You're on Key West Time! – Florida Shawn Rossi on Flickr

'What's the Time?'

It's easy to lose track of time when you're backpacking around the world. And if you happen to be flying from country to country or travelling across borders on a long-distance bus when daylight saving time kicks in (or doesn't), things can get even more confusing.

Of course, you can always check your specific location on the world clock, but sometimes you want to see everything at once.

Enter the interactive, whole-world time zone map.

You can use the map to:

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    locate cities and towns

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    calculate time differences between travel destinations

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    discover the best places to enjoy long summer nights

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    check your local time zone info

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    figure out when to call home without waking up your parents!winking smiley

More Than Just World Time Zones

With data supplied by GeoNames, a worldwide database of over 10 million place names covering virtually every inch of the planet, this little map packs in a lot of very useful info.

You'll see:

  • time zone names and abbreviations
  • live time clock for your current location
  • standard time world clock with related cities for each time zone
  • daylight savings world clock with related cities for each time zone
  • real-time day and night shadow
  • date change notification bar
  • customised place name labels for your chosen destinations

Plus, you can scroll the map both left and right to display the part of the world you'd prefer to see centre stage.


time zone map

How to Use the World Time Zone Map

It's pretty easy, really!

  1. Click on the screen shot image above or on the link in the yellow box below to open the interactive map in a new window.
  2. Move your cursor across the map to highlight individual time zones. This also activates the world clocks and their related cities lists.
  3. Type a place name into the search box to locate it on the map. When you hit the 'Find a City' button, the label for your destination will pop up (the label for London will disappear).
  4. Check the date notification bar along the bottom of the map for any date changes within the current 24-hour period.
  5. Scroll the map in either direction using the controls in the bottom right corner.
  6. To enlarge or reduce the time zones map, simply resize your browser window. The map will automatically adjust itself to fit.

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