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Ever since I can remember, I've been searching out other travellers' advice on . . . the best beaches, coolest festivals, cleanest hostels, hippest bars, quirkiest attractions, strangest street foods, easiest border crossings, cheapest airlines and everything else to do with backpacking around the world.

Sound a tad obsessive? Well, maybe.winking smiley

But I absolutely love top 10 lists (top any number lists, actually). They're like the crème de la crème of budget travel, shortlisted!

top 10 lists la tomatina bunol spain No calling 'time out' at La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain! flydime on Flickr

Hey, Join In!

Tired of reading the same old info in every guide book? Desperate for some unique backpacking tips and new itinerary ideas? Or maybe you just want a fresh perspective on a well-worn trail?

These top 10 lists recommend all the oldies but goodies as well as offer up more unusual experiences and fascinating, off-the-beaten-track destinations you might never have heard of elsewhere.

Of course, everyone's got their own opinions and speaks from their own experiences. What one person considers the wildest surf waves on the Gold Coast or the hottest vindaloo in Goa might not impress you much.

So, put in your two cents!

Can't believe your favourite tango club in Buenos Aires didn't make the cut? Think the Louvre is overrated? Discovered a fantastic cooking class in Oaxaca you want to add to a list?

That couldn't be easier . . .

Click here to write your own Top 10 List — or start a list and ask other backpackers to contribute!

Excuse me?

Did I just hear you say that you haven't really travelled much? That you never have anyone to travel with? That you don't even know how you'd save up that kind of money?

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What Are You Waiting For?

solo travel book

Feel like you've been putting off your round the world trip forever?

Wish you knew someone who's been there, done that to show you the ropes?

Need that one last little nudge to finally get yourself out there?

Then The Art of Solo Travel is for you!

Jam-packed with practical advice and invaluable inspiration, this book is like having a friend walk you through it all — from start to finish!

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Backpacker Bests from Around the World

Okay, I admit that not all the pages you find here are top ten lists exactly. Some are a bit longer, some are a bit shorter.

But you get the idea.winking smiley

top 10 lists cheap international flights sunset
Top 10 Tips for Bagging Cheap International Flights
Trick-of-the-trade tips for digging up cheap international flights and scoring the best discount air travel deals on the planet. Start packing!

ragusa sicily italy
Italy on a Backpacker Budget – Best Shoestring Travel Tips
Charming Tuscan vineyards, magnificent Roman ruins and grand Venetian piazzas on the cheap! Get my best money-saving hints for Italy on The Maremma Guide.

And in the works . . .

10 Cheapest Travel Destinations for First-Time Backpackers

Most Visited Cities on Earth

Things to Leave off Your Packing List

Top 10 Places to Teach English Abroad

Wackiest Food Festivals Around the World

Amazing Hot Air Balloon Rides

World's Most Spectacular Sky High Bars

10 Best Things to Do in Sarnia, Ontario (What can I say — I grew up there!)

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